Pesta Pelancongan Ikan Patin Temerloh, Titik Tengah Semenanjung

by - October 18, 2016

 Pesta Pelancongan Ikan Patin Temerloh with MITA, Tourism Pahang & Confidence Travel !
今天我来介绍一下下Confidence Holiday (信益假期) 和旅游部 联办的淡马鲁巴丁城旅游嘉年华!

The Temerloh District (Chinese: 淡马鲁) is a district in Central Pahang, Malaysia with Temerloh Town as the district capital. Located about 130 kilometres (81 mi) from Kuala Lumpur along the Kuantan-Kuala Lumpur trunk road 2, Temerloh is the second largest town in Pahang after Kuantan.

 Let's Starts with Patin Gourmet Feast at Jui Moon Hin Restaurant !
We are having Patin feast with 700 people in a Convention Centre!
Can't Wait for Nom, Nom, Nom!

Pumpkin Porridge with Patin Fillet

Steam Patin with Soy Sauce

Roast Pork & Steam Chicken
It goes very well with their greeny sauce!
perfect match!

Prawn & Egg Noodle

Curry Patin with Noodle
Thick & Strong with Coconut Milk!

Speech by MITA President Uzaidi Udanis
Oh, Now Only I Know he used to stay at temerloh during kids time!

VIPs in the House! 

 MITA President Uzaidi Udanis & Me
Thanks For Invitation to understand more about Temerloh and Patin!

Please organize more  Pesta Pelancongan Ikan Patin Temerloh / something to do around Temerloh
I want to eat more and more fresh yummy Patin Fish!

 Then we visit the Patin Fish Pond by Pahang River Side.
Then understand more about what's fisherman fears with taking care of Patin Fish is Fload/Monsoon/Dry Season too!

Have A Nice Day!

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