I am Back from Krabi with Ayden Averroes Travel

by - November 28, 2016

Yuhoo!! I am Back from Krabi, so all great memories with KBBA &  Ayden Averroes Travel !
I love SunShine & Vitamin Sea, friendship and more more shopping !!

Within short 4 days already went to Hatyai, Phuket, Krabi with KBBA girls team with 1 gentlemen !
such a great road trip experience and from taking a bus from Bandar Tasik Selatan to Bukit Kayu Hitam till walking thru Malaysia Border till Sado , everything seems very new to me.
AirPort no longer only place to travel overseas for me,
I can tell everyone, I tried walking to overseas at Thailand-Malaysia Border!
One of the blogger - Ayue is the one influence about  how good is 7 eleven & Family Mart at Thailand! yes, i always bought something each time step into the convenience store , buy everything like pocky, miniature skincare and hello kitty stuff ...

But What If ...

* Don't Understand the Thai Language ,
Only Know "Sawadeep Kaa" can't go very far actually...

* Don't Know which restaurants is Halal (For Malay Friends)

* Don't Know Where To Go? 
Looking for Maps / Ask Local???

No Worries! Today I am going to Share with you all, our road trip expects -
      Ayden Averroes Travel to solve all these problems for you.

4days 3nights
RM549 / Adult
RM449 / 2-12 year old
JAN : 5hb - 8hb 
FEB : Off
MAC : 30Mac - 2April
APRIL : 27hb - 30hb
MEI : Ramadhan Al Mubarak
JUN : Ramadhan Al Mubarak
JULAI : 27hb - 30hb
OGOS : Off
SEPT : 28Sept - 1Okt
OKT : 26hb - 29hb
NOV : 30Nov - 3Dec
DEC : Off
Packages including  :
✅Van Commuter dari sempadan Bukit Kayu Hitam 
✅Hotel 2 nights at Aonang, Krabi
✅Hotel 1 nght at Phuket

🏊Island hopping at Krabi :
👉Poda Island
👉Tup Island
👉Chicken Island
👉Railay Beach
✅ Snorkeling
✅Free lunch at the beach during Island Hopping
✅Krabi city tour :
👉Black Crab
👉Nok Awk
👉Krabi Night Market
👉Aonang Walking Street
👉Gastropod shell fossil

Aktiviti at Phuket :
🏊Island hopping
 👉James Bond island
 👉koh panyee
✅ Banglaa Road
✅Patong Beach
✅Phuket Cloth Factory

Last Stop at Hatyai :
✅ Floating Market

**This package are excluded from Meals, Flights, Elephant Trekking 

Check Out More About Their Other Packages to Bandung, Kundasang & Etc

Next Post I will share more details about my trip!
all about Chicken, Cat, Snorkeling & Foods!

Have A Nice Day!

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