SIMRAN BEYOND BEAUTY - Organic Hair Cream Bath

by - November 22, 2016

How You Can Have this Shining Healthy Hair without Chemical Treatment ?
Yes, All By customized made Herbs and natural ingredients by SIMRAN BEYOND BEAUTY 

As you can see my terrible hair condition before Hair Treatment!
my hair become Dry, Rough due to chemical bleaching last time !

Another close up with bad hair day!

Is Okay,
That's why I am Here to   SIMRAN BEYOND BEAUTY to rescue my hair with Cream Bath Hair Treatment This is a concoction of 7 different herbs in a mixture of yoghurt, fruit and essential oils.This mixture provides nutrition, strengthens hair follicles.
 and I gotten Additional Pumkin cube due to my dry hair . 
then Blend it in front of you!as fresh as it is!

it's my blended  SIMRAN BEYOND BEAUTY Cream Bath Hair Treatment
100% no chemical and only goodness of all herbs and ingredient towards my hairs

My hair are taking Cream Bath now!
this also Includes a 45 mins massage and hair steam.
so my hair will absorbing all the nutrient that my grass hairs needs alot!
as you can see, it touched the scalp also no problem and give extra care to scalp too!
so should i said it is good relaxation and repairing with one treatment.

Seem Like after doing rebonding but actually just blow dry right after hair treatment!
 can last about 1 week with this straight hair!! i Love to smell my hair every day also actually...
and the owner, Gurjit advice to come back  frequently for healthy hair and scalp like maybe every 1 week once for the 1 month , then follow by 2 weeks once , you sure will have the healthy shining hair and scalp without any chemical. and to prevent hair loss as well .

I will 100% be back for  more treatment at  SIMRAN BEYOND BEAUTY 
like Facial, Waxing, Threading and my favorite - Organic Hair Cream Bath !
54 A, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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