Jonlivia S+ Pant Secrets Revealed!

by - November 01, 2016

I'm Sweating with Style Now!
How it Works, Let's Check Out!
Thanks to Jonlivia S+  using 100% Genuine Neoprene
That's Make Me Sweat 3 to 4 times more!

Today I am going to share a comparison between Jonlivia S+ Pant and  Brandless Sauna Pant!
Why You Should Chosoe
Jonlivia S+ Pant 

You must be wondering what's S+ means on Jonlivia right!!
It actually means Sweat+, Slim+, Stretch+ and Soft+.

Super Agree with this statement !

I super love this part of Jonlivia S+ Pant
 Breathable Jonlivia AirFabric in between inner thigh for better stretching 
As everyone Have the Different size of body parts.

Some might have small waist with big butt or the other way round.
that's why usually Jonlivia S+ PIC will ask your height , waist & butt size before you buy .
check the stitching at the brandless sauna pant so rough and inconsistent so ! 

OMG!!! this is What Will It Happens when you wear less than 3 times ?
So do not buying it blindly without any measurement ya!

Jonlivia S+ Pant is very details in sewing closing edges.
as you can see it's very neat and thick sewing, not easy to tear off as above 

Jonlivia S+ Pant are Body fitting that makes you sweat more !
compared with others hot pants

Double Padding at the hips back part as you can see above
It's good for doing squating/splitting for yoga/muay thai class!

Personally I love Jonlivia S+ Pant So Much!
I wear it almost 6 hours a day, some day even longer!
then my leg will like soak in sweat and became after swimming in sweat !
Is Okay, I love the feeling of sweating without much exercise !

Get Your At :

Next time , I will share with You How I wear Jonlivia S+ Pant in Office Wear, Shopping, Dating!
Yes, Jonlivia S+ Pant  not only wear it during exercising and work out sessions!
Stay Tuned!

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