#ICYDKMelaka - Warung Kari Kambing Power!! by Yusri Nadin

by - November 23, 2016

Today I am going Share something new about Melaka!
Thanks To Gaya Travel & Tourism Melaka Makes My Eye Open Widely for this trip!
Ever thinking taking BreakFast by having Kari Kambing Power & Assam Pedah as early as 6am?

Forget About Big Breakfast at Hotel / Cafe awhile at Melaka Ya!
Let's Us Step Into Jasin for Malay Traditional Breakfast!

Kari Kambing Power - RM5.50
Really power, strong and thick curry gravy goes well with rice.
or you can take away and having it at home toast.
hmmm..... I can imagine it! 

Assam Pedas Claypot RM6.50
 Oh, This is the Kicks if you love sour and spicy food / cuisine.
I would like to said this assam pedas claypot sure is another rice best companion.
one claypot can shared with 2 persons or either 1 person with 2 plates of rice for sure!
no question asked!

Lontong Kering - RM4
mixed with sambal kering
Well for a small eater like me!


Remember to be there early as 6am to have all of this
breakfast local Malay traditional dishes.
Or Call 012-7775006 , 013-6822800 for RSVP to avoid disappointment

Warung Kari Kambing Power & Asam Pedas Claypot
Add: Km 42, Jalan Tambak Merlang 1, Kg. Simpang Bekoh, 77100 Asahan, Melaka.
Business hours: 6am – 3pm (Mondays to Fridays)

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