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by - May 03, 2012

Lanopearl Beauty believes in the Triangle Of Life philosophy where true beauty and well being is achieved when your life is balanced with happiness, love and health. When all three of the theme are in balance, you glow with beauty.

Happiness - having spiritual fulfillment, laughing, smiling often, appreciate life.
Love - having passion  in your life, doing something you love, having affection and good relationship.
Health - taking care of your body and nourishing your skin with good skin care routine, exercise and having positive attitude.

Our Mission :
·  -We ensure high quality products at affordable price.
·  -Lanopearl pioneers the "truly safe" products to the market .
·  -To maintain our status as the ‘Placenta Expert’.
·  -We support environmental protection from global warming.

 A little drop, a BIG change.......
Lanopearl Skin Care is inspired by the diverse beauty elements from nature. We carefully selected pure and unique botanical extracts originating from different parts of the world and enriched with vitamin where enhances and store skin complexion. Lanopearl is recognized in anti-aging solution. The outcomes are sophisticate, light, and delicately fragranced creams with age freezing capabilities. Lanopearl Skin Care will bring your skin to its origin pureness and pristine.

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