Dehydrated VS Smooth Tofu with Cold Plasma

by - May 30, 2012

Imagine Your Skin is a Tofu…
Is the Aging Skin looks like a Dehydrated Tofu Puff??
What’s the most important 10 signs of aging to combat?

1.              Firmness
2.            Elasticity
3.             Clarity
4.            Radiance
5.             Smoothness
6.            Texture
7.             Redness
8.            Blotchiness
9.            Fine lines and wrinkles

10.         Dryness

Wants to know how you transform dehydrated tofu puff (Aging Skin) to smooth and juicy tofu (Younger Skin) with Cold Plasma?

Q: What’s Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals Cold Plasma ?
A:  Formulated with a revolutionary ionic suspension carrier system that delivers customized cellular nutrition to the face for visibly firmer, brighter, smoother and radiant skin.

Q: Is Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals Cold Plasma safe to Use ?
A: Yeap! Cold Plasma is free of parabens, fragrance,sulfates, mineral oil, artificalcolors or fillers

Q: What’s so special in Cold Plasma to Combat 10 Signs of Aging ?

·         A proprietary delivery system charged by Phospholipids. Phospholipids mimic the lipids naturally found in skin cells which make them skin compatible. It is this compatibility that allows the quick absorption of nutrients to the skin, maximizing their benefits for unparalleled results. Dr. Perricone has infused this delivery system with a powerful cocktail of nutrients that represent the culmination of his work to date:

·         Advanced Neuropeptide Technology with powerful anti-inflammatory effects on the skin which can help slow the aging process.

·         Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) which helps to stimulate nerve function, causing the muscles under the skin to contract and tighten to prevent and reverse skin sagging. Skin will look lifted and firmed in minutes.

·         L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that helps brighten the skin,

·         DHA is a powerful essential fatty acid that preserves the skin’s youthfulness, provides superior hydration and prevents future damage.

For the first time, cellular biochemical needs can be met regardless of the requirements. No matter the age of your skin, your skin type, male or female, Cold Plasma delivers what your skin needs in proper dosages.

While clinical studies record its successful effects on skin elasticity, firmness, smoothness and brightness, the results extend far beyond this proof, clients report dramatic visible results as they experience the power of Cold Plasma.

Independent 4-week clinical studies of participants ranging in ages from 20–65 further support the recorded benefits.

For all age groups combined, an overwhelming majority of participants saw improvements in skin smoothness (87%), pore size (81%), skin radiance (89%) and skin discoloration (82%).

Improvements were also seen in the majority of participants in the 50–65 age groups for firmness (77%) and skin elasticity (75%).

In addition…
94% said they liked the results and felt it gave their skin all it needs 
93% would highly recommend this product to a friend
89% said their skin never looked healthier
85% said they got instant results
79% said this works better than anything else they have used

An overwhelming majority of participants in all age groups saw improvements in their skin after the first application of Cold Plasma. 91% felt their skin was infused with moisture, 92% that their skin looked radiant and healthy and 99% felt their skin was soft and smooth.

Q: How to use Cold Plasma?
A: Dr. Perricone recommends applying morning and evening on cleansed skin. Follow with treatment and or moisturizer as necessary.

Q: How much is this Awesome Cold Plasma?
A: Cold Plasma retails for RM669/1oz

Q: Where can I buy this Cold Plasma from ?
A: You can get it from 

 Devil's Personal View/Opinions:
Left Side :  
my enlarge pore on the cheek and nose.
my have really dry / flaky cheek. 
Uneven skin tone.  Forehead is more  darker.

After using Cold Plasma for 2  Weeks.
I see the dramatic result as shown. 

Right Side :  
My skin tone are more even & Radiance,
my laughing line is shorter, 

my pore on nose is smaller (I dare you to click to enlarge)
Texture :  quite thick, but any skincare also do more massage makes wonders.
after massage still very easy to absorb.

Scent : Fishy Smell, but for my good skin I take the challenge!

Devil’s had to Say  Bye Bye to:
Dry Skin
Plastic Surgery

Will Devil Re-Purchase it again?
100% Yes, Will recommend to my lovely mummy & aunties  as well.

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