Review : Vibrance Kegel Device after 1 Month Usage

by - May 03, 2012

Thank You Vibrance Kegel Device,
Dear Dear Love Me More ...
Wants To Knows More Stay Tune.

At 1st week of using Vibrance Kegel Device, 
it is a difficulty to control the pelvic floor muscle.
but as usual practice makes perfect,
I make it at the end!
the feeling like doing exercise ,
kind of tired from pelvic floor, thighs, ass as well.

After 1 month using Vibrance Kegel Device, 
I found my thighs is getting smaller.
My PMS is less pain after using the Vibrance Kegel Device,
most improvement is my xxx life, 
as u all wanted to know..
Dear Wants More as usual.
U Know what i means right?? (blushing ~.~)

To find out more about the device, 

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