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by - May 04, 2012

Skin Formulation History

In 2003, a Taiwan ventured company Skin Wellness Sdn Bhd was stabled in Malaysia. That marked a first step for the company. We believe our products must adhere to the 3 uniqueness i.e. “Natural, Professional and Effective”. The products were manufactured under French & Taiwanese R&D technology and they have the Cosmeceutical effectiveness. With this in mind, the Skin Formulation brand was born.
The Skin Formulation range of products caters for facial & body care. From 2003 till now, Skin Formulation products were distributed throughout beauty salons in Malaysia, Singapore Brunei and other South East Asian countries. Over the years, the products had gained trust & prestige where they were marketed.
In 2010, Skin Formulation successfully set up the Singapore branch with blessing & well wishes from many quarters. Through regional expansion, it has enabled more people to enjoy the benefits & efficacy of the products.
In the same year, Taiwan Skin Formulation was also set up. This means the company has set foot & returned to the Motherland. In July, Goal Life E-commerce online shopping was launched; this has enabled the company to break new ground as well as to scale new height. The company consistently embark on innovative & extraordinary Marketing channels to distribute it’s products.

Skin Formulation 品牌故事:
2005年,Skin Wellness Sdn Bhd 在馬來西亞成立,秉持著產品必須符合「天然、專業、有效」3大特性的信念下,結合多國原料如, 法國, 日本, 瑞士, 澳洲等等專利研發配方, 並在台灣由專業製作團隊監制生產,以醫學美容等級的效果,創辦 了Skin Formulation-羨麗膚品牌, 並在銷售通路上開創了以網路購物與專人電話訂購服務為主的便利訂購系統, 並承諾為客戶提供最安全, 愉快的產品使用與購買保證。 

Skin Formulation Products

We believe that consumers must be able to get their hands in top quality skincare products without burning a in their pockets. Thus our pricing is highly affordable yet we do not compromise the efficacy of our products. 

Consumers can get their hands on our unique products online with our online purchase facilities. The company will from time to time increase it’s product range , which include dietary supplement, body shaping under garments, Organic food etc. This will provide consumers with more & numerous choices.

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