5 Things You Have To Experience It Yourself at Jemaja Island, Letung, Anambas

by - August 03, 2018

Other Then Crystal Clear BeachSide at 
 Jemaja Island, Letung, Anambas, Indonesia. 
Today I am going to share with you, 5 Things (Foods) You Have To Experience It Yourself at Jemaja Island, Letung, Anambas, Indonesia. 

Frankly speaking, I tell you their dishes are surprising mixes of exotic spices and local flavours.
It usually served with rice or noodle. Just like Malaysia Malay Cuisine! 

1. Fresh Seafood by Padang Melang BeachSide.
Fresh Fish Don't Require a lot of spices and ingredient to make it yummy!
Just Grilled it and served is good enough!

As you can see the fish skin is not peeling from the fillets, means it is very fresh from the sea!
the fish fillet texture also pieces by pieces.

(Sea Escargot)
Very Chewy and goes well with local spices sambal.
We eat as an appetizer before any meals, I think.

2 Person Lunch Meal with Seafood!
SO Fresh & Yummy!
Remember to Order Like This when You at Letung, Anambas!

Grilled Sotong with Vinegar & Sugar.
Well-Marinated Sweet & Sour Taste. 

2. Fresh Coconut with Lime Juice

How can A Beachside Without A Fresh Coconut, Right!
Now I Teach You Another Way of Drinking Fresh Coconut,
Add-In Lime Juice into Your Coconut Juice,
I swear You Definitely Going to Love It.
Maybe You Can Ask Them To Add More Ice.
Much Refreshing & Yummy Under the Hot Sun!
New Drink = Ice Lime Coconut Juice at Letung.

3. Banana Fritters / Pisang Goreng with Local Indonesia Coffee 

BANANA FRITTERs / PISANG GORENG is big in size and flavours too!
No Jokes, Very Juicy Inside & Crispy Outside!
You Should Come and Try! 

4. Kerupuk Letung / Fish Crackers Only at Letung

HandMade Letung Fish Crackers is different from others!
Why I Said So?
Check it Out Why!

Firstly is the Shapes of the Crackers (Ball Shape, Long Shape).

Secondly is These Letung Fish Crackers that Using SAGO as mixing medium instead of normal one.
Yes, It's More Crispy and Not too Powdery like Others!

Thirdly They Using Fish Fillet Back Meat (Darker Colour Fish Fillet That We Always See in) to Make Crackers!
Yes, Stronger Smells and Harder.
I think it's Goes Well with Beers!

Suprisingly I LOVE the Back Meat (Dark Color) Letung Fish Crackers!
I even bought some back to Malaysia to let my friends and family try!

5. DURIAN / Tropical Fruits (Rambutan, Mangosteen, Jeruk and More!)

Durian all over the place and They Love to Serve & get Tourist to try Durian!
Like Me & Some Mat Salleh Might Just Smile & Walk Away.
Yes, Sorry to say That I Don't Eat Durian, Hahaha.
sometimes I wonder too...
Where am I coming from? Why I don't like durian?

During Padang Melang Festival, They are serving about 700pcs of Durians!
I called it Durian Fest, as I remember that time the whole Padang Melang is Smell Heavenly!
And My Indonesia Tourism PR, EDI told me that Kampung Durian is taste way better than others!
I think he is not cheating because I can see their enjoying the durian happily!

Since you already know From My previous posting From KL to Batam,
Next, I am going to share with you, How You go Anambas from Batam!
Only 6 Hours Journey You will Reach Letung, Anambas, Indonesia.
I swear it will be the very nice place to explore,
Stay tuned!

Have A Nice Day! 

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