Grab Your Caroma Betong Ginger Tea at Nearest Village Grocer

by - August 17, 2018

Yesterday I am Back From Tamarind Square Village Grocer Grand Opening!
So Much Fun when Shopping with Families wit A lot of Opening Promotions!
And Catch My Eye Is My Favorite Caroma Betong Ginger Tea available at This  Tamarind Square Village Grocer!

And I want to tell you that My Favorite Caroma Betong Ginger Tea is Now with New Packaging!
More Vibrant Colors & Harden Boxes! Next, I am going to show you more unique mocktail with My Favorite Caroma Betong Ginger Tea!

I Can Tell You Why My Favorite Caroma Betong Ginger Tea is so different from Others!
Because the Betong Ginger Kicks (Aroma & Spiciness) Is Really There to Wake You Up (Ops, Is Warm Your Body Up).

next one is, Caroma Betong Ginger Tea has come into Sachets instead of Cube Size Ginger Tea that we always see in the market!
Cube Size Some it too big and too sweet for other people.

I know You will think of Some Countries are famous for Ginger Tea, but the difference is there!
You going to try out yourself then you will realize it!

This is what I got during Tamarind Village Grocer Grand Opening!
Did you manage to Spot My favorite  Caroma Betong Ginger Tea  Gift Pack!
With Purchase of RM50, You get this much of stuff!
Happy Mama & Me!

You Even can test it out when you can heading  Tamarind Square Village Grocer  Sooner
Enjoy Your Day with Caroma Ginger Tea!
Would you want Caroma Ginger Tea with or without Honey!
After You Tried, I am sure You going to Love it Like Me!
I should say that every woman should have 2-3 boxes at home!

Remember to check out my last post about
Hot Ginger Milk Tea & Ginger Soda Tea Too!!

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