Here Is What You Should Do at Ice Age Alive KL 2018

by - August 09, 2018

Discover an epic exhibit of creatures who roamed the Earth millions of years ago…
From Giant Wooly Mammoths to Saber-Toothed Tigers, this is the ‘coolest’ show in town!
Coming Weekend & School Holiday, Don't Where to Go?
Come To Ice Age Alive 2018!

Here Is What You Should Do at Ice Age Alive 2018!
Firstly You can snap a lot of photos of all the Ice Age Animal creatures!
Then slowly to read about their lifestyle, what they eating during Ice Age Era!

Silly Photo Pose

Formal Photo Pose

Which One You Prefer To Pose?
You Even Can video shoot with all Ice Age Creatures because It's moving with sound,
I think Kids Definite will love it, Even Adult like me too!
There are More Than 10 Different Ice Age Creatures To Understand and Explore.

Other Than Selfie,Selfie, Selfie!
Kids will have more activities to enjoy in Ice Age Alive 2018
Let's Check Out More!

How can Ice Age Without Ice / Snow Right!
Kids Can Enjoy Snow Pool Here and Build Castle with The Snow!




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