Launch of PUR baby Products by House of Healin (HOH) at Malaysia

by - August 17, 2018

Launch of PUR baby Products by House of Healin (HOH) at Malaysia 

Dear Daddies & Mummies!
Now You Can PUR baby Products at Malaysia!
House of Healin (HOH), in collaboration with PUR, hosted their own network of distributors, pharmacies, private hospitals, Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) practitioners, other relevant health outlets and members of the media to their first launch of  "PUR  Baby Products" in Malaysia

The launch's aim was to create awareness on PUR's Safe baby products to mothers for their ultimate comfort of babies, HOH is the sole distributor for PUR products in Malaysia

PUR was started in the year of 1985 on the back of a pioneering feat in developing silicone nipples by the liquid silicone injection process in collaboration with Bayer of Germany, Since then it has continuously innovated simple, simple and comfortable products for babies that are loved and trusted by mothers around the world 

PUR support mothers around the world with feeding products and accessories for babies that are simply the best. All PUR products comply to EU and American Standards.

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