Authentically Sichuan 2018 Food Fiesta @ Dorsett Grand Subang

by - August 05, 2018

Having Authentically Sichuan Cuisine Without Need to Go Sichuan?
Hahaha yes, You can have it at Malaysia!
At Dorsett Hospitality International!

Sichuan cuisine is one of the Chinese cuisines originated from Sichuan province; located in southwestern China. It's known for its bold flavours which bring numbing sensation, particularly the spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic and chilli peppers, as well as the unique flavour of the Sichuan peppercorn.

Let's Starts Our Zesty & Spicy Sichuanese Affair with some of the chef's Signature dishes :

Tossed Chicken with Sichuan Spices

Tossed Black Fungus with Nuts and Kai Lan

Sliced Chicken with Hot & Spicy Sauce
Tossed Black Fungus with Vinegar
Double Boiled Matsutake Mushrooms Soup with Duck

Slow Down Your Tongue with This Soup Before Heading to Next Authentic Sichuan Main Dishes.
This Soup is very flavourful with Matsutake Mushroom, Well Matched with Duck.

Deep-fried Crispy Grouper Fish Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce

The Similarity like Malaysian's Style KongPo Sauce!
It Brings Out The Freshness of the Fish Fillets,
Very Unique that It Come with the Mini Glutinous Rice Ball.

Fried Prawns with Sichuan Peppers & Garlic

Mapo Tofu

This Mapo Tofu Sauce is great with rice and shares with Family!

"Chongqing" Style Deep-fried Crispy Chicken with Dried Chillies

This is the Signature Sichuan Dish When You are Here!
Must Order This!
Once You bite slowly this Crispy Chicken, You will feel the Spiciness & Numbing..

Rice Jelly with Nuts

Time to Cool Down all Spiciness & Numbing With This Dessert !
So Refreshing Yo!

Panda Shaped Bun

THis is too Cute To Eat!
and it is very yummy TOo!
Say Hello To Panda Shaped Bun!

Panda Shaped Bun & Me !

Who is Cuter ?

Chef Harley & Chef Teresa From Dorsett Grand Chengdu !
They will be here From 4th August to 29 August 2018 to prepare all these great selections of authentic Sichuan appetizer, main dishes & desserts as i shown above!

The Emperor Chinese Restaurant, Dorsett Grand Subang From 4th to 14th August 2018
Citra Rasa Restaurant, Dorsett Putrajaya from 6th to 14th August 2018,
Checkers Cafe, Dorsett Kuala Lumpur from 15th to 21st August 2018,
Victoria's Brasserie, Dorsett Grand Labuan from 23rd to 29th August 2018.

Make Your RSVP and Enjoy Ur Authentically Sichuan Dishes :
T: +60 3 5031 6060

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