Day 12 Of December - =^.^= updates Of Meow Patry - Part 3 Final=^.^=

星期六, 十二月 12, 2009

The Winnie Of the Day ! Miu Miu !
A Surprise Birthday Cake From
Shu Uemura To Miu Miu !

Here De Jelly Cake Look Like !
=^.^=Meow Meow! =^.^=
She Is So Surprise And Touching Also Oh !

At The End Of The Event !
Group Meow Picture!
Some Random Picture With Beauty Blogger /Meow Of The Day!
Jean, Stellar, Wua
Fatin(Black Furry Cat) & Wua

Marsurin & Wua

BabyGirl & Wua

(Woa ,we are same in BLACK &PINK Meow)

Jean, BabyGirl, Candy , Wing & Wua

Wing & Wua

Group Picture !

Kitty & Wua

Janice & Me

14 Days To My Birthday !

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