I Won A PRize FrOm TiC !!!

星期三, 十二月 30, 2009

As Earlier Post, I Mentioned that I Won A Prizes From TiC (Tongue In Chic)
Today I Going To Pick Up The Prizes From Them @ Jaya One.
See Wat I Got from Them!

1st I got

1 x "The Saturdays" Chasing Lights CD

2ndly There is A Trial Pack Of Simple Skincare
Consist of :
1 x Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel , 50ml
1 x Simple Soothing Facial Toner, 50ml
1 x Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser, 50ml
1 x Simple Broucher
1 x small transparent pouch"Unpouched"

A Family Photo of
TiC Prizes!

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7 评论

  1. oh..simple!
    I know their instant wipe is great!

  2. Thanks For Everyone Wishes.

    Jean : I also LIke The Instant Wipe, But Nowadays i change to baby wipe which is more cheaper and moisturizing.

  3. wow. congrats!
    i also won a lot of stuff this year 2009.
    hope to win a house next year... whahaa

  4. Oh, Lilian, Wat U Won??
    Me all Also Small Small Item Only!
    Ya. Win A HouSe/Car/Car/Grand Prizes!!!!!!!!!