Day 5 Of December - updates Of Meow Patry - Part 1

星期六, 十二月 05, 2009

Before Going Out to Party , Snapping it @ home 1st Full Body !
About 5.30pm i start my meow journey from
Sri Petaling Lrt Station After Pick Up Jean
So Jam @ Federal Highway Oh ....
Take about 1 hour plus to there !!!
after that we go to washroom and
set up our accessories
( Got a little Girl Taking Photo with Jean & Me For a Cat Look! )
Start The Cam Whoring All The Way !
Decoration Of 1U Shu Uemura !

Miu Miu & Me
Jean Mm With Me

BadyGirl & Me

PS:// Above Picture Are Before Make Up Aka Bare Face ~

21days To My Birthday

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9 评论

  1. hehe.. love the costume :) wah.. pretty!

  2. hehe.. can't wait to see how other costumes.

  3. Thanks For Compliment, the Dress Are Done myself ! So puffy @.@
    Other also very nice :)

  4. impressive DIY costume~~
    i call it a pixie fairy kitty cat~~from fantasy land hehe

    nice to meet ya!
    did u get my email on party photo album?

    you arrange flowers? wow..
    lovely lovely..are you very skills with your hand indeed!!

    me a butter better at painting & copying :D hence copy cat

  5. Hie, Stella, nice 2 meet u Too.
    yes, i got ur email :)

    Ya, Me In Flower Arrangement :)
    Still In Learning Progress

    U really Nice In Posing ! Cute Ner

  6. u look great in that costume girl.. so talented in making costumes.. maybe can consider opening a costume shop !!

  7. Hahaha, Jess,
    then i should open a cat costume shop for all the Kitten To Buy From Me @.@

  8. nice costume, when u told me u diy it, i was impressed! :D

    can't wait to see part 2!

  9. Miu : My Part 2 is Up =^.^=
    I Really excited the party feel till now. Haha