Day 15 Of December - Full Day Occupied!

by - December 15, 2009

9.30am - make a move from Motor Shop
10.30am - reach central plaza to collect my
From Watson !

11am - Reach Menara The Weld (So Quiet Shopping Mall Wua can See )
Wua Got The X'mas Candy From The Weld ! Nice Nice~

12pm - Having Lunch With Dear Dear McDonald
(only within less than 45min,Sob Sob)
Freebies Of De Day !

Color Code of The Lipstick Meet Up Zoe @ Raja Chulan Monorail Station,
(Hurray At Least Got Some1 Talk To Wua liao !!!)
walk walk walk,sit sit sit!

2.30pm - Meet with VonVon & Jean ,
after registration,we are been given 2 coupon,

1 for eyeshadow promotion
1 for welcome drink

3:30pm Make Up Workshop Started with Demo,
then only Hand On

7pm - the make up workshop takes a 4hours plus to finish..
Zoe , Jean And Wua

Cham Lo, Raining Cats & Dog !
Luckily got Jean To Guide Wua On A bus riding to LRT station
Wua A bus riding 白痴 for about 2-3 Years.

Reach Home By 8;30pm, Tired!

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