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星期三, 十二月 30, 2009

due to my malaka picture are still in progress.
may upload and blog about it as soon as edit done.

now for all ur info, today is my ♥chinese birthday♥ as well
jz now parent bring me go eat " MeeSua" with 1 egg on it
Yesterday i explored a very excited photo editing website called
Inside There are many many photo frame, college,
and many more cute word art to be customised!
it is great for a non photoshop/PS kakis like me !!
Before that i used to play with photo ekspress 6,
which is almost same function with it .
but alway there is a re-formated pc i got, so i dun have the cd
to re-installed back this excited software.
here are some of my so called artwork yesterday.

Any Comment On It?

Hope U Enjoy Ur Imiki-ing ur picture !

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3 评论

  1. Thanks, me also jz a noob on it,
    still learning on it,
    but the problem is,
    it's web-based,
    once no internet,
    then cant have fun with it...

  2. can use the design to design the mug?